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Looking for an SUV that is going to be everything you have ever hoped for and more? Then the 2013-2014 GMC Yukon is exactly what you have been looking for. Here you will learn about some of the features offered on the SUV and just what they can bring to your life.

Drive of a Lifetime

The 2013-2014 GMC Yukon offers a wonderfully comfortable driving experience, especially for anyone who likes to drive. The quality of the ride is not only extremely comfortable, but it is superior to that of any other SUV in its class. The Yukon drives like that of any car with the added ability to do so much more.


One of the great things about the GMC Yukon is the spacious seating it offers. In this SUV, you can easily fit four or five adults comfortably. Imagine how comfortably you would be able to fit children in the back seats if you can fit that many adults in this SUV. It is a standard feature that all of the Yukons have bucket front seats, but most come with a 60/40 bench second row seat. All models, such as the Yukon Denali, also offer a 50/50 split third row bench seat as well. You can also choose to upgrade the second row bench seat to bucket seats if you would like. When you choose to upgrade the second row bench seat to bucket seats, you are ordering the bench seat also, at no additional cost.

Cargo and Towing

The 2013-2014 GMC Yukon can carry or tow up to 8,500 pounds, depending on the model that you have chosen. It is important to keep in mind that the weight limit cannot be exceeded to ensure the safety of everyone and the protection of your Yukon. Be sure you know the weight limit of your specific model before beginning to tow or carry any extremely heavy loads.

Models and Pricing

Here is where you decide what you need and what you want in your Yukon. All the available models are offered in both standard 2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive. What you choose is up to your own needs. GMC offers the standard Yukon, starting at about $42,000, the Yukon SLT, at about $47,000, and, finally, the Yukon Denali starts at around $57,000. There are a few more models, as well. The GMC Yukon also offers two Hybrid additions to help with gas economy. The standard Yukon Hybrid starts off at around $54,000, and there is also the Yukon Denali Hybrid that is around $61,000. Not bad pricing considering all you get when you purchase your new Yukon.

So what are you waiting for? The Yukon drives exactly as you would hope any car would while still offering you the room to carry up to nine passengers and to tow a large load. Go out today and make your new 2013-2014 GMC Yukon purchase today.